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Agent, AM, エージェントマフィン
AgentMuffin Icon
Gender Male
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Color Code
Overalls Dark blue
Clothes Light blue
Gloves Light peach
Shoes Black
Face Light peach
Hair Blond

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AgentMuffin is a to-be video producer, machinimist, and videogame music remixer. In addition to having accounts on YouTube and Scratch, he is also the creator of this wikia.

Concept and Creation

AM's idea of using one's persona as a main character was inspired by watching other SM64 machinima, where the creators of said videos are inclined to self-insertion into, as well as heavy interaction with, the plot. As with other such video producers, AgentMuffin is planned to be a main character of his own bloopers.

AgentMuffin's specific character traits, however, are largely based off of his personality in real life. His color code does not stem entirely from color preference; it incorporates garb that he typically wears in real life, as well as attributes of his own physical appearance (such as hair color and skin tone).

 Appearances [⋮] 
 Appearances [⋮] 
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General information

Physical description

Paper AgentMuffin

As a recolor of Mario, AgentMuffin's stubby body build appears to be identical to the plumber's, despite in actuality being much skinnier. Agent also sports a full mustache, despite not quite being old enough to have grown one.


AgentMuffin usually wears mainly blue clothing; this is based on his color preferences of blue, cyan, black, and green. His outfit, like other characters', consists of overalls, a matching shirt and cap, and shoes; he is rarely, if ever, seen wearing gloves, though, and is recurrently capless.

Most of AgentMuffin's attire is colored blue. His shirt and hat are azure, and his overalls are navy. AM's shoes are an exception to this theme, however, being black with reddish accents.

Alternate outfits

AgentMuffin's clothing becomes colored differently upon using certain power-ups such as the Fire Flower. When using the Wing Cap, beating wings protrude from his hat; when using the Metal and Invisibility caps, Agent's getup becomes metallic or invisible, respectively.


In general, AgentMuffin acts silly and rash. He is fun-loving, and often puts important work off to instead focus on things that interest him. While some people are good friends with him, many others find AM irritating and obtuse.

Agent enjoys joking around and make puns, no matter how terrible. However, he can become dour and irate if excessively provoked or bothered. AM rarely plans ahead for events that are auxiliary or optional. However, he is quick to devise schemes and tactics when needed; these plots have about a fifty-fifty chance of working as expected or failing miserably. Regardless of orders or rules, AgentMuffin will stand up for what he thinks is right, or what will benefit him most – even if doing so passively. He is disputatious with enemies and authority figures alike, if only to showcase his wit or botheration.

Powers and abilities

Like the Mario Bros., AgentMuffin is capable of performing advanced aerial acrobatics. He can jump very high and maneuver relatively well in midair. He is less skilled, however, at using the more advanced jump techniques. Agent is also capable of fighting enemies using a number of attacks, such as punches and kicks, although he is relatively weak overall. He prefers combatting using stomps and power-ups whenever possible.

As with playable characters in the Super Mario series, Agent can utilize a variety of power-ups to gain extra powers or buff what little there is of his strength. AM is typically the most skilled at using flight-related power-ups (with the exception of the Wing Cap, which he deems impossible to control).





Oh yeah!

OK, here's the plan…


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