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Cloud Clicker is a clicker game that was in development. It was planned to integrate Scratch's cloud data features to add communal player benefits.


The player would click a cloud icon to get clouds, the main resource they seek to maximize. Clouds can be spent on cloud factories, which automatically make more clouds.

Rather than buying different kinds of buildings (cf. Cookie Clicker), the player would unlock the ability to "upload" their earned clouds to global cloud storage. Later, they would be able to "download" up to a limited amount of clouds every so often.

Similarly to uploading clouds, the player would be able to donate factories to the server, increasing global cloud production while that player is online.

Weather events were planned and partially implemented. They would work similarly to Golden Cookies in Cookie Clicker. What varied inspiration this game has.

Other planned features included save data importing and exporting, music, sound effects, an alternate color scheme, and keyboard controls.


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