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This is a joke article, possibly made to make fun of Template:User's request for a drawing of Pikachu. Understand that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.
Fat Pikachu
Fat Pikachu with Muffin on it for some reason
Full Name Fat Pikachu
Gender male
Current Status fat
a Pikachu
Main Weapon(s) energy sacs
Element(s) electric
Ability/ies controlling electricity
being fat
Nationality not Kantonese
Weight what do you think?
i drew this pikachu just for you
Exotoro (t|c) to AgentMuffin (t|c)

Fat Pikachu is a Pikachu that is very fat, hence its name. He has a distended belly, chest and armpit hair, and a constipated facial expression.


Fat Pikachu is very loving and caring, despite his huge physical stature. This is unfortunate, as most beings are absolutely terrified of him. He cherishes the presence of the people he meets, and wishes to envelop them in his Grand Flesh, his Allbeingness, and give them full warmth and comfort, even if that warmth and comfort comes in brief moments between entire epochs of electric pain. Or at least that's what PabloDePablo (t|c) had to say about him.



Fat Pikachu was born of AgentMuffin (t|c)'s desire for a drawing of a Pikachu, and seems to treat him with love as one would treat their parent. In Fat Pikachu's official artwork, Muffin can be seen on his belly, likely representing the Pikachu's owner.


Fat Pikachu and Exotoro (t|c), his creator, seem to be on good terms with each other. In fact, Exo seems to treat him better than AgentMuffin does, and was the one who pushed Agent to create this page in the first place.


Fat Pikachu secretly wants to be a character in Trucky (t|c)'s game Pikachu Park!.


IcicleIllusionist (t|c), Tigzon the Tiger-cat (t|c), TerrariaBoss (t|c), and TheFoxyRiolu (t|c) are averse to the existence of Fat Pikachu. In particular, TerrariaBoss and Fuzzy requested brain and eye bleach, respectively, after reading this article.

KinglerMaster (t|c) was saddened to discover that Fat Pikachu is not in fact from Kanto, despite his chubby appearance.

PabloDePablo (t|c), Sr.Wario (t|c), .snickedge (t|c), HoshiNoKaabii2000 (t|c), EnderLegends (t|c), and Pokeyfan49 (t|c) like Fat Pikachu. .snicks even suggested that the Pikachu be a part of the New Fantendoverse. Similarly, EnderLegends proclaimed that Fat Pikachu should be in a real Pokémon game. In PabloDePablo (t|c)'s humble opinion, Fat Pikachu's official artwork is "the best thing exo has produced with his two hands in any form of media. one day [he] will print it out and put it on [his] mantle for all to see."


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