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The "amatroniks", as the game refers to them, are the antagoniks, as the game refers to them. They try to stuff the player character into an amatronik suit because of faulty programming that makes them act STUPID.

Because of this, fans have speculated that the programmers were drunk. There has also been speculation that the in-universe programmers of the amatroniks were also drunk. As for me, why did I write this article?

Freddy Fnafbear
The main character of wearing a top hat. Other than that, he is completely nude.
An animaltron of a purple bnuuy, Bony actually gets more bluish as the game progresses. Yigh.
Chicha Newgroove
His beak is lined with teeth-goofy, rounded.
New Super Mario Bros. 2
The hardest ghost of the quartet.


Phone Guy
He calls the player on the phone, hence his name, but the player does not answer because they are a Millennial. To them, phone calls seem invasive because they demand an instant response. In a world where their messages, emails, and DMs pile up, they are at least afforded somewhat of a buffer when given time to respond on their own terms. Be this as it is, it should come as no surprise that one of the greatest millennial pet peeves is hosting unnecessary calls and meetings. To some, this may seem rude, if not a bit standoffish. However, it’s actually fantastic for productivity, and we should all be taking a cue. Phone calls waste more time than they save. A 15-minute phone call to convey two lines of information is a waste of time. Not only because there was a much more efficient way to share it, but also because the time you have to spend preparing for it, making small talk, and then getting back into the flow of your workday ends up being a huge buzzkill. (Brianna West, Forbes.) I highly agree with this and I think Phone Guy is the most morally bankrupt character in the FNAF franchise as a result.

New mechanics

The radio is a device that plays music. Scary.
Game Boy
The Game Boy Femto, that's where I wanna go.
The phone is a device that can, but shouldn't, make phone calls. In addition to serving as the method of communication with Phone Guy, players may also call their Great-aunt Sally, who doesn't stop talking to you, thus making the game tenser. If your preference for a phone call is that you like to hear another person’s voice and foster a connection as opposed to just an avatar next to an email address, this is not the way to do it. Phone calls are generally buffered with unnecessary and sometimes awkward small talk. If connection is your goal, schedule a coffee, or lunch meeting. Not only does this create an opportunity to interact face-to-face, but it also gives participants time to anticipate and plan for it. (Brianna West, Forbes.)


  • As revealed in a Twitter post by the game's dev team, the amatroniks' programmers are canonically Microsoft, not Drunk. Common mistake to make when reading brand names.