Were you looking for the LOL TEH RANDOM series?

LOL TEH RANDOM is the first game in the titular series made by Ninkancho.


The game consists of the Scratch cat in front of a white background. The cat slowly moves across the screen. To play the game, players press random keys, some of which affect the Scratch cat and/or the background in mostly visual ways. The effects last only until the respective key is depressed.


Q key
Quickly rotates the cat counterclockwise.
W key
Moves the cat up.
E key
Quickly rotates the cat clockwise.
R key
Resets the cat's position, rotation, costume, and so on.
P key
Points the cat towards the mouse pointer.
A key
Moves the cat left.
S key
Moves the cat down.
D key
Moves the cat right.
F key
Makes the cat move more quickly.
L key
Fills the stage with water and makes the cat float to the top as if it were drowning
X key
Swaps the cat's x- and y-coordinates.
V key
Quickly rotates the cat upside-down.
N key
Makes the cat grow in size and turn demonic.
M key
Makes the cat grow in size and turn demonic, with a dark red background.
space bar
Rotates the cat clockwise.
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