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LOL TEH RANDOM is a series of Scratch projects.

Each game consists of Scratch Cat against a blank white background, recalling the layout of a default Scratch project. When a key is pressed, an unanticipated event befalls Scratch Cat. Hilarious! Absolutely worth documenting long-term on a wiki tied to your username!


The original project was probably meant to test keyboard input. This grew into a "game" that encompassed most available keyboard keys.

The project might have been named ironically, but this is not apparent if so. Regardless, because "random" "humor" is a vice, this project escalated into a prospective series that followed the first project's template, but made new results for pressing each key.

LOL TEH RANDOM and LOL TEH RANDOM 2 came out of this, with the latter including more compatible keys. Respectively, they were the first and second projects shared from the Ninkancho Scratch account.

LOLst media

A LOL TEH RANDOM 3 was planned to use hacked Scratch blocks to make other keyboard keys usable. Apparently, it was so difficult to program and release this, despite having access to the necessary resources, that it languishes in development hell to this day. Never mind, it was just posted after this article stopped being updated.

Apparently LOL TEH RANDOM 2 was to have the most differences from other entries in the series, and a LOL TEH RANDOM THE LOST LEVELS was intended to be released as a more "samey" sequel. Heaven forbid that a series titled "LOL TEH RANDOM" would shatter too many perceived expectations.

This is too many planned projects for what LOL TEH RANDOM was. Assuming you're not AgentMuffin in 2015, you're right not to care about this.


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