Were you looking for LOL TEH RANDOM, the first game in the series?

The LOL TEH RANDOM games comprise a series of projects made by Ninkancho, in which rather random stuff happens to the Scratch cat.

AgentMuffin builds each "game" from the ground up, and often experiments with unfamiliar blocks while coding them.


The game starts out with the Scratch cat against a white background, similar in appearance to the default project layout in Scratch. Players press random keys, many of which affect the Scratch cat and/or the background. Most of the effects last only until the respective key is depressed, with expections to be found in modes and the like.

Common elements

Visually, each game consists of a Scratch cat on a white background. In each game, keys are pressed to affect the appearances and sounds of these basic elements. There are also common effects such as being able to move and rotate the Scratch cat. Certain keys also serve the same functions across the games, such as using the space bar to rotate the cat, or pressing the M key to make it grow in size and become demonic-looking.

Horror themes

Besides being made in the name of random humor, the games also have disturbing undertones to an extent. For instance, pressing the 9 key in LOL TEH RANDOM 2 will clone the Scratch cat. These clones will respond to some input from the keyboard, such as moving around, but overall do so more slowly and have limited or no response to many of the keys. This means that they usually assume the same pose and expression, no matter what the original cat is doing. They also pulsate oddly to random sizes, sometimes think "PLEASE END US", screech when being erased by the 0 key, and vocalize distorted and loud meows.

Another example of such creepy tones is the demonic form of the Scratch cat. In the first LOL TEH RANDOM, pressing the M key provides more of a jumpscare than anything, with the cat immediately growing in size and becoming darker in color, with pitch-black eyes, a maroon background, and a creepy meow to match. In LOL TEH RANDOM 2, the cat visibly grows in size over the course of a split-second, then pulsates and jitters around while demonic. The player also has to wait through an eerie, empty-sounding remix of Super Mario Sunshine's mission select jingle for the first time the M key is pressed, after which a gigantic demon kitty flashes on-screen. LOL TEH RANDOM 3 will have the cat slightly twist around to add to the horror factor.


Each game is programmed from scratch, so most keys have different functions between games. Even basic controls, like movement, use different keys and feel different between games. Most features preserved between games have new functionality or detail added in later installments.

New keys have been added to every game so far. While LOL TEH RANDOM uses the letter keys exclusively, LOL TEH RANDOM 2 adds effects for the number and arrow keys, and LOL TEH RANDOM 3 will use hacked tiles to make other keys usable. In addition, keys that had no function in previous games despite being compatible are given effects in later games.

Overall, LOL TEH RANDOM 2 has the most differences from the other projects. The Scratch cat can jump and will only move left and right continuously. On top of this, it no longer moves forward automatically. Instead, an autopilot mode can be enabled or disabled by pressing the P key. Another basic control difference is that the F key, despite making the cat go faster as it usually does, references Sanic while moving the feline around the screen randomly. According to AgentMuffin, LOL TEH RANDOM 2 was meant to be analogous to the American Super Mario Bros. 2, and a LOL TEH RANDOM THE LOST LEVELS was intended to be released as a more "samey" sequel.

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