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The Modulo system is a clamshell hybrid videogame console developed by Modifly that detaches into a Console, Touchscreen, and two Controllers.

The Console contains the main processors, the main non-touch screen, and outer cameras. It can be inserted into accessories to connect to other screens.

The Touchscreen contains a narrower touchscreen, a stylus, a microphone, and an NFC reader.

The Controller is an iteration on the concept of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, with a new ambidextrous design and the addition of a D-pad.

The Dock is an HDMI connector for the Console, and a charger for it and the Touchscreen. The components of the Modulo can also be charged through USB, or by connecting to another component.

Sold separately or in certain bundles, there is also a headset accessory compatible with the Phosphene XR platform. When the Console is inserted, the player can use virtual or augmented reality in various software.


As noted before, the Modulo detaches to enable various control schemes, easy local multiplayer, and on-TV and XR play. The Touchscreen's NFC reader also supports amiibo.

The remaining features are largely in the software. A range of preinstalled apps enables play through various construction and socialization tools.

A paid subscription service unlocks several perks. Many peer-to-peer online multiplayer games are upgraded to server play. Cloud save file backups are available for all software, and can be accessed even after a subscription's expiration. The new Virtual Console and Modifly Sonata services are also unlocked.

The Virtual Console's first-party library is vastly expanded, in an effort to gauge the viability of older games beyond initial sales data and review scores. It also adds online support for local multiplayer features. Console libraries from the Nintendo Entertainment System through the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance are available free with the subscription service. The Nintendo DS, Wii & Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS families are each unlocked with an additional one-time payment. Once unlocked, played games can be downloaded onto system memory. The player (or multiplayer group) is asked to rate each game after quitting.

Preinstalled apps

The user can customize system settings such as brightness, time and date, and storage. Save data can be backed up onto an SD card. Recently connected controllers can be pinged to help find them.
Themes and badges can be applied to the system menu. The user can purchase themes or share them to nearby friends.
Activity Log
Play time and achievements across all software are logged here, and can be compared against friends'. There are also health and wellness features, like step, and calorie trackers, with a rewards currency for meeting goals.
The user can control how they appear to the online world, by selecting a personalized Mii, customizing gender, birthday, favorite color, and location, and choosing what others can see. Every so often, a notification is sent as a reminder to review these settings.
Mii Maker
Miis of family, friends, pets (like dogs and cats), and more can be created. New features include ears, multiple moles, highlights, piercings, sclera and pupil color, animal and creature parts, body measurements (shoulder width, waist size, etc.), makeup (only viewable by friends), synthesized voices, and clothing that can be unlocked in various software.
Account friends and online status can be managed. Friends can message and invite each other to play online together through this app's interface. With Phosphene, players can chat in virtual reality.
Flipverse Gallery
Flipverse, as the name suggests, succeeds Flipnote Studio and Miiverse's drawing tool. Through the web app, the user can sort, like, and repost to their social media accounts.
The user can browse a curated selection of software.
AR Camera
In this augmented reality playground, the user can take pictures and video with virtual objects anchored within the physical space. Miis and popular Nintendo characters are available as AR objects by default, and more can be unlocked by scanning QR Codes, tapping amiibo, downloading software, and earning achievements. Some features can distort real-world surfaces or change the lighting of the scene.
The system album is also accessed through this app. Compatible software saves information like the depth buffer and PBR maps in screenshots, allowing for filter effects to be applied and removed. Downloaded software can add new filters.
Modifly Sonata
Modifly Sonata is a game music service that overrides the background music in compatible games. Available on various other devices, Sonata is meant to address complaints about the availability of official uploads of game music. Most games come with soundtrack data to add to the player's Sonata library; with the subscription service, the player can stream all music, not just owned soundtracks.
Sonata can play music from a specific title or series, or shuffle through all music to match a user-set mood or genre. Certain games include metadata for Sonata to use in automatic mode, to try to match the mood of the overridden music. The user can also set their preferred loop length and audio quality. HOME Button shortcuts let the player like or skip tracks.
Garage gives the user a visual programming language to create their own interactive software. The user can work with a 2D or 3D camera perspective, and can even create XR projects usable with Phosphene. Completed projects can be shared and rated.

The concept for this app preceded the reveal of Game Builder Garage.

The user can view system and game news, including exclusive developer interviews, and stream Directs.
Internet Browser
The user can browse the Internet with efficient touch and motion gestures, such as the return of tilt scrolling, and browse in VR with Phosphene.

Finally, the HOME Menu's software library lets the user open installed software, and associated features such as the title's manual, Flipverse page, soundtrack, and news. It can be scaled and sorted, and organized with folders. Each title is represented by its cover art.

Developer resources

(Logo and boxart template TBA)

Here is a list of features that can help software feel more at home on Modulo:

  • Achievements
  • amiibo
  • AR objects unlocked by your software
  • Button, motion, and touch input methods
  • Cover art without overlaid graphics
  • Developer interviews
  • Flipverse integration
  • Friend invite integration
  • HOME Menu theme (template TBA) and badges
  • Items purchasable with Fit Coins
  • Mii clothing unlocked by your software
  • Modifly Sonata soundtrack listing
  • One-stick control mode
  • Phosphene XR mode
  • QR Code or Data Matrix integration
  • Screenshot filters unlocked by your software
  • Single- and dual-screen modes