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Nintendo Park is a Nintendo-themed amusement park, similar in concept to that one that was announced in 2015 before the idea vanished into the ether. It is divided into "Worlds" and "Lands" based mainly on Nintendo's most popular franchises, but the overlooked ones also get some recognition.

WaraWara Plaza

WaraWara Plaza is the hub area from which many of the Worlds can be accessed. There are speakers playing menu music, billboards displaying guests' Miiverse posts, and shops where you can buy general memorabilia and rare amiibo.

Mario World

Through Princess Peach's Castle is Mario World! Guests can explore the Mushroom Kingdom, go kart-racing, explore a mini-universe, and even meet Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and other world-famous characters!

Zelda World

Kirby World

Pokémon World

Venture out into the Pokémon World, where you can battle trainers, catch sweet collector's items, and solve puzzles to progress through the region. Or visit the Pokémon Center's restaurant, home to dishes based on fan-favorite Pokémon items and collectibles!

Animal Crossing World

Animal Crossing World contains a variety of locations to visit and villagers to meet. People can also play fun minigames and buy rare items after taking a boat to Tortimer Island.

Splatoon World

In Splatoon World, guests can buy gear at Inkopolis and head into a Turf War! The winning team gets points, which can be cashed in for all sorts of prizes.

Pikmin World

Star Fox Land

F-Zero Land

Nintendogs Land

Duck Hunt Land

The Duck Hunt Land consists primarily of a shooter game not unlike the original Duck Hunt itself. Players can use their Zapper skills in real life for rewards of all sorts!

Chibi-Robo Land