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Perplexus is an app-style game for the Display. It was first conceived when Ninkancho approached Spin Master Ltd. with a request to develop a game based on the Perplexus line of toys. By principle it is a ball-in-a-maze puzzle game based on the player's dexterity at manipulating the rotation of a real-life object.

To be honest, the game is over rather quickly, but some brutal DLC is planned.


Players tilt the controller to rotate the spherical game board, and due to this, only controllers with motion control are supported. The player is represented by a small steel ball that can roll down the labyrinthine path in the sphere to progress through the game. Each obstacle or section of this track is numbered. The goal is simply to make it to the end of the track while not falling off.

There are several Perplexus…es…? to play through, some with special gimmicks throughout, such as being able to twist part of the track via the D-pad or stick. Making it far enough will unlock checkpoints to start from. Unlike in real life, the player can simply tilt the controller back to its original orientation after a failure to warp the ball back to the sphere's equator, near the start and main checkpoint entrances.


There are a few …kinds?… of Perplex…i… spheres… to play through.

  • Apprentice is the easiest map by far. It can be completed relatively quickly, though the steps do require more skill to successfully navigate as the game progresses.
  • Original is the original Perplexus product in videogame form.
  • Regular is the second brand-new level. It has regular difficulty, of course, but does get slightly harder than the Original throughout.