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Score is a fanon Scratch modification by Ninkancho. It implements many highly requested blocks and features, as well as using blocks from other popular mods. Score is all about expanding the scope of the Scratch language without adding anything too drastic or unfamiliar.

New blocks

Score has many blocks that aren't in vanilla Scratch. Some of them were added despite being easy to workaround.


  • point towards x: () y: (): This stack block rotates a sprite to face a certain point.


  • previous costume: A counterpart to next costume, this stack block changes a sprite's costume number by -1. This will roll around to the last costume if the sprite is using the first one.
  • show all sprites: This stack block shows all sprites.
  • hide all sprites: This stack block hides all sprites.
  • ([color v] effect)
  • go to back: Sends the sprite to the backmost layer.


  • pause sound [ v]
  • resume sound [ v]
  • stop sound [ v]
  • stop all sounds in sprite [ v]
  • <sound [ v] playing?>



  • show reporter [x position v]
  • hide reporter [x position v]
  • set reporter [x position v] monitor to [large readout v]
  • set reporter [x position v] slider [min v] to ()
  • move [ v] monitor to x: () y: ()
  • set [ v] slider [min v] to ()
  • (): Reports an array in text form.
  • (number of [rows v] in [array v])
  • set cell at row: (1 v) column: (1 v) of [ v] with ()
  • insert [row v] [before v] (1 v) of [ v]
  • delete [row v] (1 v) of [ v]
  • (length of cell at row: (1 v) column: (1 v) of [ v])
  • <[row v] (1 v) of [ v] contains []>


  • when <>: A hat block that activates when the boolean in the argument is true. This block will not work if the project has been stopped or paused, to prevent abuse.
  • <[message1 v] received>: This boolean would return true on only a frame during which the specified broadcast was sent.
  • <[message1 v] received since green flag clicked>: This boolean returns true if the broadcast in question has been received since the last click of the green flag.


  • repeat () secs
  • repeat while <>
  • turbo: This c block runs the script in the mouth non-atomically.
  • atomized: This c block runs the script in the mouth atomically.
  • launch: A c block that runs the script within the mouth simultaneously with the script underneath it.
  • <clone?>: Returns true for clones.
  • press green flag


  • <asking?>
  • <this sprite clicked>
  • (distance to x: () y: ()): This reporter returns the distance to a specified point.
  • (last key pressed): Reports the last keyboard key pressed. If no keys have been pressed since starting the project, this block reports nothing.
  • (language): A reporter that returns the the end-user's language for viewing the site. For viewers without an account, this will return nothing.
  • (color r: () g: () b: ())
  • (color h: () s: () l: ())
  • ([redness v] of color at x: () y: ()): Can report RGB and HSL values for the color rendered at a certain point.


  • <true>: A boolean that always returns true.
  • <false>: A boolean that always returns false.
  • <[] ≤ []>
  • <[] ≠ []>
  • <[] ≥ []>
  • (() ^ ()): Reports the value of the first number to the power of the second.
  • (() in base (2)): This reporter is used for returning values in binary, hexadecimal, and more.
  • (convert () to base (2)): This reporter converts the number in the first argument to another base.
  • (Unicode for text [])
  • (text for Unicode [])
  • letters () through () of [world]
  • (round () to the nearest ())


  • return []: A cap block used for custom reporters and booleans to return the value in the string argument.