Super Mario: Sprite Madnes is a game developed by Ninkancho Co., Ltd. for the Display. It was announced after a month-long hiatus from all of their content due to legal issues. Inspired in part by the "Super Mario Beads" YouTube series, the game follows Mario on one of his adventures, but with a twist: the whole world is made of bead-like pixels.


The game plays like most other Super Mario titles, with Mario running and jumping through tile-based environments. Level design is primarily based on that of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. However, Super Mario: Sprite Madness also makes use of brand-new gameplay mechanics. Because the world is made of pixels, enemies and some objects shatter into them upon being defeated or broken. Mario can touch these pixels to collect their constitutent parts, subpixels, which come in red, green, and blue. With enough subpixels, Mario can create items and such to spawn into a level, or change his size to become bigger than even Mega Mario.

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