Super Mario 64 Bloopers is a series of videos—okay, let's face it, Agent will probably never have the time nor the software to make any videos up to the standards he wants, so these will be presented in script format. The bloopers are episodic and largely comedy-oriented, with inspiration taken from a variety of existing Super Mario 64 machinimists.

Arc I
Hello, World

  1. "Facile Castle"
  2. "Super Mario 64: Deconstructed"
  3. "The Secret of Hazy Maze"
  4. "Like Bowser, Like Son"
  5. "Pro Parkour"
  6. "Art Destruction Fluxion"
  7. "In the Dark World"
  8. "Bloopers in Space!"
  9. TBA

Arc II
Dimensional Analysis

  1. "Journey to the 𝒏th Dimension"
  2. "The Reunion"
  3. "Ollars and Sense"
  4. TBA


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