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The Slope is now a modifier that can be filled with any terrain or fluid tile. It's still filled with Ground by default.

The terminals can be dragged to change the Slope's length and angle. On top of the gentle and steep angles, a new slippery angle rises 2 tiles for every tile of run. It is named as such because angles that are too steep, relative to gravity, force objects to fall or slide down the Slope.

Compared to the version in Super Mario Maker 2, the Slope's terminals are flat, no longer jutting out. Slopes can combine at sharp corners in either direction.

Because they only take up triangular parts of tiles, different Slopes can be placed flush against each other, even on the diagonal.

New Triangle

The Triangle is very similar to the Slope, but naturally comes with a third handle. Each side of the Triangle is constrained to the same angles as a Slope.

The default Triangle is filled, but it can be changed to a hollow outline.

New Parallelogram

The same principles as a Triangle can be applied to rectangles, rhombi, and other cases of the Parallelogram. Fun fact: It's a lot like how placing Ground worked in the Mario Maker 2014 beta.

New Fill

The Fill is another modifier that contains terrain or fluid. Although it is only a square tile in Course Maker, it flood-fills the surrounding region of empty space.

Fills are only calculated in the initial state of a course, and don't change during gameplay.

New Offset Grid

The maker can place and size different Grids to use course parts in unusual positions and shapes.

Parts on the Offset Grid are placed halfway between tiles. This can help with precise object placement. Any half-tile gaps are the perfect size for the Mini Mushroom, and many things shrunken by it.

New Diagonal Grid


New Polar Grid

The Polar Grid takes up a sector of a circle, allowing for tiles placed in arc shapes. Its radius is resizable, and its endpoints can be rotated to form a full or partial circle.

Placing a Gravity Field inside a Polar Grid will create the gravity systems of many planetoids in Super Mario Galaxy. Gravity can point toward the center of the Polar Grid, away from the center, or around the curve at various cambers.




Parachutes now always appear on still Thwomps, in a deflated state when the Thwomp isn't aggroed.

New Balloon

The Balloon attaches to other course parts to make them rise slowly.

In the Super Mario Odyssey game style, the Balloon's appearance is based on Luigi's Balloon World, featuring the attached part's Course Maker icon on its surface. It functions the same as in other game styles, not being used as a goal object.

New Bubble

The Bubble floats around at the mercy of the breeze, holding another course part inside. It can pop by floating into spikes, or being stomped or otherwise attacked.

An empty Bubble can trap another object upon contact, including a player character.

Bubbles can be added to the middle and top of an enemy stack.

New Hat

The player must knock a Hat off before trying to Capture its wearer. The Hat can only be applied to Capture targets or enemies that can wear the Spike Helmet subpart.

New Spike Helmet

Certain enemies can wear the Spike Helmet to counter damage from above.

New Life Gauge

When a power-up with a Life Gauge is collected, a health meter appears on the user's screen, and they can take damage 3 times before losing that power-up. (Of course, taking hits still counts as damage to a clear condition.)

Collecting another power-up with an attached Life Gauge will refill it.

Attaching the Life Gauge to an enemy will increase its health to 3 HP; the enemy's health meter appears directly above it. If the enemy already takes 3 or more hits, its HP instead drops to 1.

New Snow

Snow falls and drapes over the nearest floor surface, making it more slippery. Affected Ice Blocks lose all traction.

In the Super Mario Bros. 2 game style, Snow can be picked up, turning it into a Snowball.

New Gravity Arrow

The Gravity Arrow changes an object's gravity on contact. It can be rotated in 15° intervals, and set to normal or weak gravity.

A variant changes the angle of gravity by a set interval each time it is touched.

If placed on top of a Gravity Field, the Gravity Arrow applies to everything on the Gravity Field, and is only activated by a player character touching it. Multiple Gravity Arrows on the same Gravity Field will sync up.

Being a modifier, the Gravity Arrow can be attached to any gravity-affected object to set its gravity individually.

New ON/OFF Gravity Arrow

The ON/OFF Gravity Arrow changes the gravity of its Gravity Field whenever it receives a matching signal from an ON/OFF Switch.

New Blinking Gravity Arrow

The Blinking Gravity Arrow changes a Gravity Field on the same timer as the Blinking Block.

New Flip Outline

The maker can play Bestovius and attach the Flip Outline to an enemy, making them able to Flip. Such enemies are outlined with a dotted rectangle.

This course part is exclusive to the Super Paper Mario game style.

New Phantasm

When the Phantasm is attached to a course part, it will disperse into Boo particles upon interaction with the player character or their projectiles.

Affected course parts have a pale color filter and other giveaways to their true nature.

Trying to apply the Phantasm to a physical goal will create a fake copy of the goal.

New Poltergeist

The Poltergeist makes a course part hover and crash down towards an approaching player character. It can even turn a Decoration into an obstacle.

Affected course parts have a telling purple glow.

New Threshold

The Threshold is a numeric display that attaches to platforms, making them start or stop working when weighed down enough.

A Threshold counts down from its set value by the number or total weight of objects on top. The counting type can be set to count only players, enemies, or other objects.