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Wikiaconomy would be a service attempting to emulate KnowYourMeme's Internet Meme Exchange, a stock market for meme entries that served as their 2017 April Fools' Day prank. The IME was, sadly, a one-day event, but it made for an interesting social experiment that would make other wikis much more fun and active.


The icon for 1ⱳ.

With Wikiaconomy, every mainspace article gets a stock, bought by logged users with the integrated Wik () digital currency. A one-line bar below the edit and talk buttons contains:

  • the current share price, equal to the number of shares currently purchased by all users;
  • the logged user's Wik balance, and the number of stocks they own of the article;
  • action buttons to buy and sell one share;
  • a button to expand the bar into an SVG-based graph of the article's price history;
  • and a button linking to Stock Activity.

Each user starts with a given number of Wik and may invest in articles as they please, perhaps with a five-second delay to lessen strain on the service. Their current balance and the shares and prices of each stock are tracked. From these, the value of each stock, the user's stock value, and their net worth can be derived on the fly. If a user's net worth is 0 at midnight UTC, they will be given a small sum of Wik to avoid permanently locking them out of the market.

New pages

Wikiaconomy would require certain new pages to be created to ease usability of the service.

  • Special:Portfolio is the Wikiaconomy analog of contributions pages. It takes the subpage name as an argument and shows several stats of the user of that name. Shown at the top are the user's Wik balance, stock value, net worth, and counters for purchase and sale transactions. Below is a sortable table listing stocks that the user owns shares of, with columns for stock name, shares owned, share price, and value. A user's portfolio is linked to by a net worth counter in the user's masthead, and by a userpage tab.
  • Special:StockActivity is the Wikiaconomy analog of Wiki Activity. It formats purchases and sales per minute over the past day as an SVG-based graph. Below is a log of recent transactions, showing the stock traded, the username, whether the action was a purchase or sale, and the timestamp.